19 июня, 2017

Cannes 2017 Winners: PR, Print, Glass, Outdoor and Promo


Fresh off of the award ceremony for the PR, Print, Glass, Outdoor and Promo categories, we are proud to share that we’ve earned our first Gold Lions of the week, in addition to one Silver Campaign Lion, and five Bronze Lions.

Our New York office earned the network’s first bit of Gold at this year’s festival, bringing home two Gold Lions in PR for “Unsafety Check” effort with Black Lives Matter.

As part of a week of action that began on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and ended on Inauguration Day, we worked with Black Lives Matter to launch “Mark Yourself Unsafe.”

The web app MarkYourselfUnsafe.com allows Black users to mark themselves unsafe on social media for being Black in America. The app also involves non-Black users by offering them the chance to stand in solidarity with Black Americans and post messages of support.

The effort is a powerful twist on Facebook’s “Safety Check” feature which allows users near a major crisis to let their loved ones know that they’re safe.

Using social media to push the conversation about the hazards of being Black in the United States, Black Lives Matter continues to take critical steps towards raising awareness of the impact of race and racism on our society.

We earned our only Silver win of the night for JWT Brazil’s “Professions,” a print campaign for Alcoholics Anonymous that dismantles misconceptions about alcoholism.

Rounding out our remaining wins, our New York team also brought home a Bronze Lion in Promo for “Connected Room”; JWT Canada landed two Bronze Lions in PR for “#20MinutesofActionforChange”; and JWT Bogota nabbed a Bronze in Glass and another in Outdoor for its “Breastfeeding Mannequins” activation.

Congratulations to all the teams!

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