What's A Spritz? Campari Aperol

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Aperol Spritz is a light, aperitivo cocktail, commonly served in Europe before dinner. In summer 2017, we were tasked to launch the Aperol Spritz in the U.S., where most of our audience had never heard of an aperitivo — let alone an Aperol Spritz. Not only were we faced with minimal awareness and trial, we were entering a saturated category where mimosas and rosé dominated the day-drinking scene. Despite these barriers, we set out to own happy hour and brunch among millennials, positioning our cocktail as the go-to refreshment for social, summertime sipping. To measure success, we aimed to challenge industry standards with the goal of achieving 33% brand growth at 90,000 9LC.

‘WHAT’S A SPRITZ?’ launched the Aperol Spritz cocktail to an unfamiliar U.S. audience, maximizing a limited budget to make a splash in a saturated category. Through social listening and intelligence, we devised an innovative, step-by-step communication strategy led by an omnichannel approach, in order to organically integrate our cocktail with our audience’s lifestyle. We tailored our creative to catch their eye along their daily journey, leveraging the context of the sizzling summer heat to amplify our message.

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