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Veuve Clicquot, in collaboration with J. Walter Thompson Paris,introduces the podcast series "The Veuve Clicquot Tales" in summer 2018.The first season invites us to follow the exceptional destiny and life of the

iconic woman behind the name Veuve Clicquot.

“The Veuve Clicquot Tales” immerses us in the fascinating story of Madame Clicquot, the portrait of a woman from the end of the 18th century,well ahead of her time. She remains a figure of contemporary inspiration in many fields: entrepreneurship, leadership, the emancipation of women...

The episodes feature the most pivotal moments in Madame Clicquot’s life, and the themes of audacity, ambition, family, love, tragedy, travel, determination and discovery that infused them. We discover how this « businesswoman of modern times », courageously took the reins of the House of Clicquot when widowed at the age of 27, at a time when women in France could not even work without their husband’s consent.

The Veuve Clicquot House redraws her history through a podcast

Through this partnership, J. Walter Thompson Paris reaffirms its expertise in audio content and « voice

marketing ». A problematic dear to the agency, in the wake of its "Speakeasy" study dedicated to the impact of

voice technologies.

Discover now "The Veuve Clicquot Tales" on SoundCloud:

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