Untouchable Cars Moutain Riders

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There is a secret sickness hidden beneath the immaculate white blankets of our mountains.

A sickness born of the CO2 emitted by the thousands of cars that travel around ski resorts creating traffic jams and burning 4 times more fuel due to the cold.

The problem is made worse by the fact that in the altitude, the CO2 remains trapped in the atmosphere, contaminating the snow and threatening the welfare of the fauna, flora and inhabitants of the mountains. All this in spite of the fact that the majority of ski resorts have free shuttles and public transport.

So how do we increase awareness and encourage people to change their habits ?

In March 2016, the Mountain Riders association, together with the ski resort Chamonix les Houches and the agency JWT decided to give the mountain its voice back in a beautiful – and perhaps surprising – campaign.

Using only fresh snow and the help of nine snow sculptors, the cars in the resort were transformed overnight into spectacular works of art designed to protect the environment. They brought to light the fragile beauty of the mountainous ecosystem.

The initiative, both poetic and ecological, aims to initiate a real change in motorists’ behaviours, raise awareness and have a reach way beyond the legendary Mont Blanc valley. #UNTOUCHABLECARS

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