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Human Challenge
People in the airline and airport industry are often involved in the more functional elements of making travel happen for their customers, so exciting them and keeping them engaged and enthusiastic about the fundamental parts of the airport business can sometimes make the difference

For AIA the challenge was to truly involve and excite various business stakeholders and potential clients about the great work they are doing at the airport as well as the strong business results this is generating, in way that would actually interest, engage and make AIA stand out from the crowd of other airports.

Pioneering Solution
Share the great work and results AIA had achieved in a novel way, literally! With the help of JWT Athens, AIA engaged and enticed its audience, by delivering all its message in the form of an exciting travel novel:  “Lost and found” and Athenian Story was created by JWT together with a professional novelist and integrated all AIA’s marketing  information to a real novel, literally creating a page turner that keeps people reading for more. 

Rather than the usual B2B approach, AIA’s “Novel” campaign treated clients as consumers and engaged them with a story about travel and the airport using the excitement of a novel to communicate otherwise typically straightforward business communication.  AIA’s stand at the various airport exhibitions – a key contact point – was actually transformed in to a bookstore where clients could grab a copy of the book in the presence of its writer, further creating intrigue and building on the atmosphere that contributed to the overall concept

This approach totally upended the traditional communication styles within the industry, creating a consumer feel with an engaging mystery tone of voice, while also promoting Athens itself as a city through the novel’s characters that live and breathe in Athens.  Overall it set a new benchmark and style for B2B communication within the Airport sector

The campaign was highly effectively in strengthening the image of Athens International Airport within the Aviation Industry and resulted in major awards: 1st Prize Aviation Marketing in both Routes Europe and Routes World airport exhibitions. These awards are the industry’s most prestigious awards, rewarding excellence in air service development and as such have a highly positively effect on the perception of the airport, its team and business capabilities.


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2016 Ermis Awards

Branded Entertainment & Content / Gold

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2016 Ermis Awards

Direct / Silver

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