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Looking to build awareness around gender-based violence and the role UN Women plays in helping to end it, JWT created “Face The Facts.” Targeting “Slactivists” a sub-section of millennials that don’t realize the impact of violence against women because of the silence and taboo surrounding it. When Slactivists do hear about incidents they will comment (usually online & via social media), but believe there are laws in place to deal with these issues and don’t take action.

We realized that there are a lot of misleading myths surrounding power dynamics and the types of gender-based violence they can lead to. So we decided to clear the air— flagging all types of stereotypes and misconceptions, and calling them out and stamping the myth out with facts, flipping the perception of “violence as taboo" on its head and focusing on educating our Slactivists on the prevention, protection and services UNW supports.

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