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Human challenge
Nowadays, Network is the key service that Consumers pay for and one of the key criteria that customers consider when selecting a provider therefore there is no tolerance when it does not work as expected. Data becomes more relevant than ever, so high speeds and coverage are mandatory.

Pioneering Solution
Vodafone constantly invests on its network infrastructure in order to ensure even greater consumer experience. The result of the Development plan is Network Improvement with doubled Speeds & Coverage. 

For all contemporary mobile customers who own a smartphone and are data users, leveraging technology in order to express themselves freely.

While our main competitor focused on more aggressive and ‘’distant’’ communication tone of voice we focused on the Human benefit that our Network delivers to customers through a real life and down to earth approach.

The campaign effectively delivers the key message of Network Improvement and scores very good in Cut through, Likeability, Engagement and Differentiation.

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