48 Campaign VODAFONE

Visão geral

Human Challenge
Young families who want the best for their family & kids. They fear of not being able to share as much quality time with them as they want & provide to them what they would like to, without missing things out or losing track of our monthly budget.

Pioneering Solution
Vodafone offers you the new Vodafone Family, a bouquet of products & services, totally covering families members communication needs & family offers (internet , entertainment, voice, thank you rewarding scheme).  

We want all families to feel that Vodafone really cares about them, providing them all necessary tools for preparing their quality time as a family, without losing control of their monthly spending.

For the 1st time, a communication’s provider invites families to switch of their mobile phones for spending more quality time with each other’s. A rather bold message, deriving from a real human insight. Very emotional and at the same time appealing TOV, fitting to the brand and delivering the families benefit.

A rather disruptive, differentiated & cut through campaign delivering a very clear message to families, i.e. To switch off their mobiles for spending quality time with each other… Because the best “connection” is that of a family.

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