08 mar, 2017

Little Space for Women at Creative Agencies

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This is a translated excerpt from a March 6 article in Argentina's local CLARIN. The piece focuses on female creative leadership and features reflections and insights from Laura Visco, General Creative Director at 72andsunny Amsterdam; Paula Kozub, Creative Director at Publicis; Milena Guillot, Founder of Amén Uruguay; Juan Carlos Goldy, CEO at Logan; Fernando Tchechenistky, GCD at Y&R; Rocio Restaino, Strategy Director at Interbrand; and JWT Argentina’s Anita Rios.

Argentine creatives are renowned all over the world. However, in this country there is only one woman that holds the position of General Creative Director (GCD), the highest position in this department. While in some disciplines we find more women holding high positions, the creative department still seems to be a banned territory for women.  

Anita Ríos, the GCD at JWT Buenos Aires and the only woman that holds this position in the country, knows the ins and outs of this subject: 

“There are creative women, but the ratio is ten to one. It´s a profession that requires spending a lot of time at the agency and when the moment for maternity comes, women begin to disappear due to the schedule. [Advertising is] a profession that essentially began with men. In order to be successful [as a woman], you need to elbow your way into it. I didn´t have children, I devoted my whole life to the agency.”

Does the lack of women in creative areas have an influence on the persistence of stereotypes in marketing?

It may have to do with that, but the truth is that the campaigns are also developed by the clients and by other departments of the agencies where we do find lots of women. There are brands that make very stereotyped communications and there are women that work there; it´s something cultural. There´s still this idea that women are obsessed with the dishes being done perfectly. It´s very difficult to make the leap to more modern communications.

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