27 jul, 2017

Intern Spotlight: Eddy Tang and Benjamin Chan

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What does the future of advertising look like? 

The internship programs we offer throughout the year give us a solid look at the face of the future as our teams spend weeks working alongside students, recent grads and other young talent eager to learn and step into the industry.

This year, in honor of the young talent currently interning across our global offices, we are elevating National Intern Day in the U.S. and making it a global opportunity to celebrate and spotlight our interns.  

 First, meet Benjamin Chan (pictured right) and Eddy Tang (pictured left), who are interning in our Shanghai office.

Why advertising? Why JWT?

Eddy: when I was told that I could work at the Shanghai Office of J. Walter Thompson, the very office that produced the campaign I've always praised – Samsonite's "Heaven and Hell" – I felt that I had to go for this internship as it was the best opportunity for me to gain more knowledge about the industry.

Benjamin: Earlier this year, my friend told me about how JWT Shanghai was moving towards Digital Transformation and in the process of doing so, they formed a digital team. I have a keen interest in technology and innovation, so I saw it as a rare, perfect opportunity.

What is something you think the world of advertising needs to understand about China?

Eddy: I think that conventional means of advertising don't appeal to the Chinese market, but many make the mistake of doing exactly that. I believe it is crucial for the world of advertising to localize their approach to the Chinese market.

Benjamin: Over the span of this internship, I’ve learned from the veterans of the marketing world that specialize in the Chinese market. I now have a better overall understanding of the Chinese advertising landscape and the key differences between China and international markets. For example, the lack of international social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) in China means everyone here is heavily dependent on WeChat and Weibo to stay updated. China’s advertising spectrum is still evolving and the large part of companies’ budgets is still focused on traditional media instead of digital media to reach out to their consumer.

Do you have any passion projects?

Eddy: Yes, since I graduated from high school, I've taken up the hobby of film and photography. Currently residing in Hong Kong, I have immersed myself in the mix of cultures that define the city of Hong Kong. Using whatever free time I have, I've gone all over Hong Kong to take photos of places that are mostly unknown general public and immortalize them. I think photography has allowed me to learn more about the city I'm in and let loose. It’s a nice way to get away from the bustling environment and enjoy myself.

Benjamin: I have a heated passion for helping out underprivileged children in third world countries. I strongly believe in education for everyone and every year I take time off to visit my "children.” One of the most memorable moments from one of my trips was when I saw a homeless child tasted her first ice cream. She approached it slowly, with curiosity. And as soon as she had a small taste of the vanilla ice cream, her face immediately transformed from hesitant to excited, blissful.


Eddy: I speak four languages.

Benjamin: By the end of this year, I will have received education from 4 continents in this respective order: Asia, Australia, Europe and North America. Despite having drunk cobra blood wine, I actually have a fear of snakes.

Check out our Instagram for more information on Eddy, Benjamin and our other interns. 

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