11 ago, 2016

Julia Mitri Reflects on Her Summer at JWT New York

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Julia Mitri is a rising senior at Syracuse University. This summer, she worked as an intern for JWT New York’s Global Communications team.

As a 21-year-old college student, labelled a millennial, I’m coming of age in an incredibly dynamic time in human development. The technological advances that have occurred in my lifetime alone are staggering. Seemingly limitless access to information, coupled with pervasive means of verbal and visual communication, allow people to interact, formulate opinions and share ideas with the click of a button. I cannot think of a better time to be in the advertising industry nor can I imagine a better introductory experience than the one I’ve had in my internship at J. Walter Thompson this summer.

In college, I’ve had the privilege to study different subject areas including liberal arts and communications. But, at times I have felt like something of an undergraduate nomad, hoping to stumble upon one course or program that would grab hold of my imagination and unleash my passions. I realize now that what I’ve really been searching for is a field where I have the opportunity to apply my natural abilities in a professional setting.

My coworkers, the responsibilities that I’ve been given and the glimpse of the worldwide advertising industry that I have gained here have challenged my intellect and enhanced my creativity.

If I had to choose the single, most important thing that I’ve learned this summer, it’s that nothing is promised. Each day offers a new challenge to develop a fresh insight, spot a useful trend and develop a better understanding of how people interact with each other and with the world around them. I have been given opportunities to learn about the different branches of the advertising industry and to meet talented professionals and motivated interns along the way.

I feel nostalgic when reflecting on the past three months, but more than anything, I feel grateful and indebted to the people I’ve met in this agency who so embody the endless possibilities that exist for those who work hard and never lose sight of their passions.

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