17 abr, 2018

Introducing the HiP Class of 2018

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We are delighted to announce JWT's HiP Club Class of 2018, our High Potential employees from across the network. This year, we are inducting 51 employees into the program. 

The HiP program was created 12 years ago to help us identify approximately 50 outstanding employees across our network who are humble and hungry, and helping us build on our legacy of pioneering brands. Local managers across the network nominate top performers for the program. Each nomination is carefully selected and sponsored by a regional head, and subsequently reviewed by global leadership for final approval.

The HiP members demonstrate several qualities, including but not limited to: 

  • A skill for seeking influence and inspiration from the world, and the culture and society around them
  • A creative, curious and collaborative spirit, regardless of job title
  • A hunger to pioneer and come up with creative, innovative and world-changing ideas
  • The courage to break new ground and challenge oneself
  • A modern approach to work, always thinking about the future and what’s next 

Meet our HiPs: 

Asia Pacific: Brigitte Bayard, Eddy Cheng, Sam Zetha, Josephine Leung, Nao Miura, Sophie Zhang, Sutaya Wangsuekul

Europe: Charlotte Humphries, Craig Watt, Darren Beard, Dorian Moritz, Drew Eldridge, Giulia Profili, Hannah MacFarlane, Jana Riensch, Ludmila Bartenkova, Nuno Lourenco, Sarah Perlick, Shane O' Sullivan

Latin America: Katherine Furukawa, Marcelo Monzillo, Sebastian Espósito, Tiago Moreira, Viviane Ribeiro

Middle East & North Africa: Alaa Abuhammeen, Almas Ali, Carmen Zaarouri, Christine Mardirian, Dana Elhassan, Nadia Nahhas, Diana George

North America: Danielle Tolkin, Demetrios Kontizas, Heather O' Flynn (Wieland), Jessica Rhoads, Jessica Toye, Kate Adam (Knowles), Lindsey Hart, Neil Lopez, Reiss Gaspard, Sally Abbas, Salvador Bolanos, Shar-de Ricketts, Brent Williams

South Africa: Larry Leyden

South Asia: Aastha Bhatnagar, Anuraag S, Ashwin Lingan, Gaurav Kalwani, Neha Bagchi, Sukriti Kala 

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