24 mai, 2017

Cannes Contenders 2017: Week 3

Cannes Contender Hero Week 3 Updated

Time is flying. Marking our halfway point in this year’s Cannes Contenders series, here are six pieces of work from our offices in Costa Rica, Shanghai, Washington D.C., New York, Riyadh and India.

Costa Nica

Costa Rica and Nicaragua share a border, but their political differences over the years have caused intense conflict and xenophobia between residents of both countries. But in one pocket of Costa Rica, there is a school that allows children from Nicaragua to cross the border and attend class with...


Heartbeat: All for that First Hello

Hearing your unborn child’s heartbeat is a major pregnancy milestone for expectant parents. It is, in essence, the first “hello” from their baby. In China, however, this is something that many moms-to-be experience alone. Expecting fathers are often not allowed to join their wives in the ultrasound...


"The Guitar Amp Made Out of a Car"

Lincoln is perceived in the US as a sleepy luxury brand for older people. We needed to present the craftsmanship of the new flagship Continental to younger, cooler drivers who weren’t interested in Lincoln, but very interested in music. We introduced the craftsmanship, materials and design...


Mr. Robot Season 2 Digital Launch

Mr. Robot is an Emmy award–winning drama that follows fsociety, a group of hackers working to overthrow the top 1% of income earners.  To promote the show’s highly anticipated Season 2 premiere, we worked with NBC Universal to create a robust pre-linear campaign that shattered the expectations of...


The Massage Tee

The Massage Tee from fashion brand Monte Carlo is the perfect tool to get its wearer the perfect massage. Based on the science of reflexology, the Massage Tee pinpoints the exact places needed to be massaged to give you relief from pain and fatigue. The different pressure points are color-coded and...


The Outlendar

How do you get people to leave the comfort of the desks and office and venture out into the wild? The Outlendar.  The Outlendar is a corporate gift calendar which embodies National Geographic’s new platform “Further." Packaged as a portable box, it contains an intriguing tool for each month of the...

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