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Adam Ferraro Shares 4 Tips Digital & Social Strategists Should Consider

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Adam Ferraro is the Digital and Social Strategy Director at JWT Toronto. He oversees the digital strategy and connections planning across multiple client businesses, including Hotels.com and Mazda.  

Adam is also the Program Manager and Instructor for all social and digital media programs at the Miami Ad School in Toronto.  

We tapped the digital expert to share four tips on how we can all better navigate the digital and social landscapes.

Don’t blindly follow the advice of social platform sales teams

This one seems obvious, but it’s important. Think of yourself as a consultant for your clients, you’re meant to be objective and look at which touch-points are the right ones for the problem you are trying to solve for your consumer and client. While agency partners from various platform teams may help provide a recommendation, it is ultimately the digital strategist that needs to make a case and rational for why and how (why are we using Facebook? How does it fit within the digital ecosystem?). 

Above all else, be critical. Understand the user experience and question the efficacy of each recommendation. You will be able to provide your client with richer recommendations and thinking when you understand the advantages and limitations of the technology. This will also help provide your creative teams with the right platforms/units to consider, all while staying true to the needs of your consumer.

Be the advocate for good craft

Even though budgets are increasingly shifting toward digital media, "social" has become synonymous with “cheap and cheerful” creative. It’s important to help brands understand that while reaching scale across Facebook, YouTube and Twitter can be cost effective, the caliber of creative content should still be well crafted. Social media gives brands a great opportunity to enter the most intimate spaces where users share and consume so much information. Let’s make sure we respect that with creative work that is stimulating, interesting and stands out in their social feeds.

Be the quarterback your agency needs

The divide between media and creative thinking can complicate the process of getting to the best idea. Be the in-house media thinker. Wear that hat to help ensure a fully fleshed solution can be presented to your clients and that each idea can work across your clients’ digital ecosystems.

Best Practice can only get you so far

Help set the guidelines for how the communication should live across the social-sphere, but don’t get caught up in playing it safe. Seek out opportunities to experiment and challenge yourself to develop strategies that hack the norm. Talk to your developers as partners in the ideation process. Oh, and start reading Tech Crunch as often as you read AdWeek.

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