Tuna Spredables John West


John West, one of the biggest seafood brands in the world had a very challenging task to launch in the Middle East – The brand needed to communicate their rich heritage and fishing expertise, but not set in a kitchen, devoid of scrumptious food shots, not featuring our beloved home maker the woman, yet connect with her in a humorous a way.

Global brands naturally work within frameworks and guidelines, in this case, starting with establishing the quality story of how they catch the most succulent fish by crossing dangerous waters, braving the biggest storms and sailing the roughest seas. John West communication is always about the authentic fishing experience, fishing boats, set in the sea, with charming fun loving fishermen with weather beaten faces and their light-hearted banter.

Our creative challenge therefore was to give a local flavor to a tight global brand platform within a rigidly defined guidelines. So in our launch films, we introduced an Arab fisherman who naturally blended in with the rest of the Non-Arab fishing crew and be part of their everyday antics and pranks. They were central to our food related stories on-board the vessel. Product shots reflected the tuna format and quality aspects of the brand. Every film has a gag in the end putting a smile on the viewer’s face.

The communication disrupted food advertising in the region that has stereotypical casting of the audience in the ads (hero mom), clichéd happy smiling family enjoying food together around the table, peppered with adequate doses of product and food shots. The campaign was launched in September 2016 on Pan Arab TV, social, digital and on-ground to ensure maximum reach and impact.

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