Real Destinations ​ Shell


Challenge: The automobile lubricants category is highly undifferentiated. Communication in this category is very functional – it often focus on it's technical benefits, claims. The primary decision maker in the commercial vehicles lubes category is truck owner/driver  -Shell Rimula aims to create an emotional connection with the truck owner/driver.
In this category important to drive brand’s saliency, we aim to drive saliency by building Shell Rimula’s emotional equity.

We found out that behind every truck driver’s relentless struggle is a personal goal, one that is much more meaningful than every trip that he makes. This goal keeps him going, makes him work hard. He is often alone in this journey of life. Sending his daughter to school, buying his first home, taking care of aging parents – are the goals that keep him working hard everyday

Real Destinations. The campaign brings to life the story behind truckers and why they work so hard everyday on long journeys and putting their lives at risk on the road.
The work: Authentic stories of real truck drivers shot around the world – US, Russia, China, India
Leveraging multiple screens: 
Digital Video Content – real stories of real truck drivers across the world
TV advertising – real stories
Posters at refueling stations
Radio – focusing on passion points
Promotion – that brings truck drivers closer to their family (air tickets to send them back home)

Results: We saw over 17% increase in sales volume per month in drove up brand preference by 15% in China. Rated as the most engaging content for the past 25 years in Russia.

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