Sintra Myths and Legends Turismo de Lisboa Interactive Center


We decided to reunite all of Sintra’s stories under one same roof.

Joining efforts with a company specialized in multimedia and technological innovation we created Sintra Myths and Legends Interactive Center – a place where fiction and reality come together to give us a complete and contemporary story telling experience.

First, we brought in the historians and writers who were not only familiar with the legacy of Portuguese chivalry tales but also with the vast universe of pagan and Christian heritage that marked both Sintra’s history and collective memory.

Then came in the architects, set designers and screen-writers who put all this information together to create a new kind of place. A place where all of our senses are involved so that we can actually live the legends and myths of Sintra.

The Center was created and built from scratch in a four storey building where the old tourist information center used to work thus allowing us to take advantage of the regular touristic traffic.

The visitor comes in and travels through time and space in 17 different rooms where these ancient stories come to life with the help of new technologies such as augmented reality, real size holograms, video-mapping, interactive screens and 4D experiences.  Singular historic and fictional characters take us by the hand through the whole experience respecting our own pace and rhythm. Visitors with impaired hearing and vision were also contemplated in the center.

After opening to the public, the center has had visitors with such different origins as France, Japan, the USA, Canada, China and Brazil. Local schools became a regular visit and the town hall described the venue as “a live and modern museum (…) which stands proud for the town’s spirit”.  

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