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Pilot Khaitan



Power-cuts are an epidemic in India and the only answer is the ubiquitous candle, that gives a faint light just enough to for life to go on but never good enough for doing anything important. Study times are worst hit. And dreams and ambitions melt away every evening with the burning candles. Building on this insight, the team decided to give a new spin to Khaitan’s Emergency lamp story. 

The posters show candles about to melt and destroy the future of a kid. And carved on the body of the candle are the various life stages that a kid would go through to become a pilot or a doctor.

Once the team came up with a rough sketch, a sculptor painstakingly carved out the candles that was 2 feet high and almost 8 inches in diameter. The melting candle creatives were used as outdoor and as store posters for Khaitan Emergency Lamps across various electronics outlets.

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