Heartography​ Nikon


Challenge: Nikon has always been a big player in the photography world, but in the last decade, it has been losing touch with its consumers. Therefore, we had to get people excited about Nikon again

Insight: Emotions are part and parcel in the art of photography. But at times, there are distractions or limitations that get in the way of feelings being translated into the photographs.

Idea: To create a device that uses the heart rate to trigger photographs. This way, we get photos that come straight from the heart. And we demonstrated this device through someone who usually is not able to express himself through photography - Grizzler, a lovable border collie.

Results: Generated a lot of buzz for Nikon, as Heartography was featured on hundreds of websites. In just one week, the video got more than half a million views and estimated free PR coverage of value $3.9 million and with no media spending, which got people talking about Nikon again.

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