Don’t be famous for B.O. Unilever Rexona


Bad body odour was the focus of this humorous Rexona campaign, which played up the awkward existence of B.O. through fictional character Barry Ogden.

The films documented Barry’s daily life; living in blissful, albeit unhygienic ignorance, he mulls over the perks and perils of being a self-proclaimed local celebrity. Carrying the nickname ‘B.O.’ from teenage years, Barry is unaware his body odour contributes to his nickname and is the source of constant attention and special treatment. Barry is depicted as a likeable larrikin who could be your best mate, the guy next door and maybe even you.

Simon Langley, ECD, J. Walter Thompson said: “Sometimes you can be famous for all the wrong reasons. We wanted to use humour to highlight the fact that some people are completely unaware that they have bad body odour, and challenge them to consider whether they are using the most effective products.”

The campaign consists of online content which appeared across YouTube, Facebook, Unruly, Spotify and Rexona’s website. The videos include a 109-second video, two 15-second teasers and a six second bumper. On Spotify, there were two 30-second radios.

John McKeon, Marketing Manager Rexona, Unilever, said: “We wanted to explore the awkward situation of telling someone they have body odour in an interesting, entertaining way.”

The Barry Ogden films were the first creative content initiative from Rexona for 2016, and was the first piece of work from JWT since winning the business in a competitive pitch.

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