Advertising Campaign for Good Mix sweet bar Nestlé Russia Generous Soul


The new sweet bar in the range of Nestle products is a great combination of caramel, chocolate and whole ingredients. We wanted to share its original taste with people but so far, we could only use a fifteen-second video in our campaign. So, we aimed at conveying all the deliciousness and crunchiness through visualization so that our viewer can literally feel this amazing taste in their mouth. And we succeeded –we created a “delicious” TVC that makes people want and try the new Good Mix. Just with a few shots the director showed the appetency of all ingredients separately and their perfect combination. Moreover, the frames format worked well not only in the video: the key-visuals based on the footage turned out to be not less effective. Thereby the novelty was in great demand from the very beginning of the campaign.


Nowadays people scroll posts in social networks very fast. And active people - the core audience of the Good Mix bar – do it even faster! Therefore, you need to make a lot of effort to draw their attention to a new product. You must do something that goes beyond... at least beyond the interface of some popular social network. We promoted the Good Mix bar with a series of unusual short videos. In all the clips characters did the impossible, leaving the frames of their video to grab the new Good Mix bar from the post above them in the feed. The video series really amazed the users and received a very positive response. The videos were watched, reviewed, shared with friends... and most importantly, they pushed people to get out of their social networks and grab Good Mix bars from a shelf in the nearest shop. Just like the characters in our videos.

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