sty 20th, 2017

The “Women’s Index” Launches in India

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Last year, JWT South Asia unveiled the Women’s Index in India, a study designed to give brands a deeper understanding of the evolving and modern female consumer in the Indian market.

The Women’s Index in India follows the launch of JWT’s initial global launch of the Women’s Index and Female Tribes studies in early 2016 and a region-specific launch of both studies in the Middle East & North Africa.

The Indian Women’s Index pulls from the India specific data included in the global research that surveyed more than 4,300 women across 9 countries (includes US, China, Australia, Brazil, the UK, Saudi Arabia, Russia, India and South Africa) and examined their attitudes about topics like religion, parenting, and career.

Despite facing barriers like an aggressive environment and stringent social judgment, Indian women are feeling confident, bold and in charge of making their life take a turn for the better. This positive momentum is seen across the spectrum and sometimes can be stronger than that of other women around the world.

Highlights from the Index include:

  • 79% of the India women feel on screen role models had been important in life
  • 74% of Indian women feel it has never been a better time to be a woman
  • 92% of the women think that femininity is a strength and not a weakness
  • 93% of the Indian women believe that technology has empowered them and has given them a voice to be heard (Global average 72%)

Bindu Sethi (hyperlink), Chief Strategy Officer of JWT India said of the study, “women by nature are not rebels, but nesters. They care for their family, but that doesn’t mean they are not productive at work. Some of the key findings of this study, relevant for Indian consumers are that they believe that women should support each other, secondly technology is playing an important role in the lives of every woman in empowering her, and third one has to do with sexuality wherein they want to spread their wings within the purview of established propriety. On these three things, women are very different from that of the globe.”

Shereen Daver, Global Business Director of Female Tribes added, “The study as a whole is about female insights. It is not meant to replace a segment but provide deeper insights in to multi-dimensional aspects of women. The study came to be because women were being described as just ‘busy working mums.’ It is meant to provide insights that can be utilized to engage the narrative of how we engage women.”

The study offers a rich spectrum of insights and captures their intense evolution and what marketers and advertisers need to do to catch up with them.

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