lut 12th, 2018

Super Bowl 52 Consumer Research Report

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After the Super Bowl aired on Sunday, February 4th, our SONAR™ team interviewed 525 U.S. adults over the age of 18 who either watched the big game or attended a Super Bowl party. 

Below are some of the key findings and takeaways that the SONAR™ team collected based on the survey.

Why did you watch the Super Bowl this year?
  • 41% wanted to see the commercials
  • 40% see the Super Bowl as an American tradition
  • 39% wanted to see the Eagles win their first Super Bowl
  • 34% watched for the half time show
  • 30% watched because their family watched

Key Takeaway: Although the primary activity of the Super Bowl is the football game, the event draws in viewers for a variety of reasons.

Where did you watch the game?
  • 73% watched the game at their home
  • 23% watched at their family member's or friend's home
  • 39% watched at a Super Bowl party

Key Takeaway: As we've seen from previous years' research, most Super Bowl viewers are at home watching the event with their family rather than at a party.

What Super Bowl ads were recalled the most?
  • 50% Budweiser
  • 45% Bud Light
  • 44% Doritos
  • 41% Tide
  • 39% Pepsi
  • 37% M&Ms
  • 32% Coca-Cola
  • 30% Jeep
When not watching the Super Bowl, what were viewers doing?
  • 65% eating
  • 53% talking with friends/family
  • 33% using their smartphone
  • 21% browsing online, unrelated to football
  • 19% completing chores around the house
  • 19% posting/browsing on social media

Key Takeaway: Eye's aren't on the television screen 100% of the time. People are enjoying the events going on around them and going about their night as usual.

What were the top sites/apps visited during the game?
  • 79% Facebook
  • 31% Instagram
  • 25% Twitter
  • 22% Snapchat

Key Takeaway: The majority of viewers went onto social media to browse and see what other people were saying about the game.

What were the top uses for people who had smart speakers?
  • 43% asked questions about the Super Bowl
  • 37% asked information about the half-time show
  • 23% used it as entertainment during the game (music, games/trivia, etc.)
  • 23% asked for recipes for snacks/goods to serve during the game
  • 22% ordered food or a product for the party they were hosting

Key Takeaway: Smart speakers are starting to play a role in how people enjoy and interact during the game. It will be interesting to see how brands integrate smart speakers into their Super Bowl ecosystem (social, marketing, etc.) for next year.

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