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Matt Eastwood Pens Intro to Acclaimed Epica Book 29

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Epica Awards, one of the most respected and unique creative hubs, has released the 29th installment of its Epica Book. Matt Eastwood, JWT's Chief Creative Officer, penned the introduction for Epica 29, titled “Celebrating Curiosity.”

Compiled by Epica’s in-house editorial team, the book is comprised of images, statistics, synopses of Epica-awarded work, in-depth articles about Grand Prix winners and more. Epica is a unique institution in that it represents a convergence of the creative industries – advertising, design, media, PR and digital. The jury is comprised entirely of journalists working for marketing and communications titles.

In a crowded awards sector, Epica is distinct and offers awardees exposure to an unparalleled network of the most seasoned journalists in marketing communications. It’s book, published annually by Bloomsbury, gives readers offers one of the most in-depth explorations of the creative process publicly available.

Matt Eastwood, who led a 2015 Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity seminar with Brian Grazer titled “Curiosity and a Curious Mind,” wrote an introduction to Epica 29 fittingly titled “Celebrating Curiosity.”

An excerpt from Eastwood’s introduction: “For me, curiosity is the best part of doing what I do. In a way I have a professional excuse to do something that comes naturally ask questions. But more than that, I think curiosity is the best way to approach almost everything I face, from daily client challenges, to in-house projects, to interviewing prospective employees. Even a short, random walk through the agency can be a fascinating journey if you let it. I think curiosity is the best way to engage with any given day. Sometimes you just have to ask about something you don’t know anything about. You have to fearlessly approach the void. That’s what I love about Epica. The awards are a celebration of curiosity. Judged by journalists; the people whose very profession demands them to be relentlessly curious.”

For more information about Epica 29, or to order your own copy of the book, visit Epica’s website here.

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