gru 7th, 2018

JWT New York's Camille Kelley Covers The 3% Conference

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The 3% Conference was started seven years ago by Kat Gordon, an entrepreneur and advertising professional, to combat the often staggering statistic that only 3% of creative directors were women. And when it came to people of color, that percentage was even less. Kat Gordon and her team have made it their mission to increase that number, believing that ideas only get better when they come from a more diverse group of people.

This year, Camille Kelley, our North American Employee Engagement Officer, attended the 3% Conference and shared with us how she’s now working on being a “yea, maybe” person.

The conference, held at Chicago’s scenic Navy Pier, was jam-packed with powerful presenters who each had their own thought-provoking story to tell. One of the presentations that stood out to me was Emma McIlroy’s “Become a Yeah, Maybe Person: The Power and Possibility of Two Little Words.” A “yea, maybe” person, I learned, focuses on meeting someone’s ideas with encouragement, imploring people to lean into their creativity and test the limits of possibilities. Opposed to a “yea, right” person, who often stifles creativity, doesn’t believe in the power of creative ideas and ultimately halts innovation.

I applied this theory to some of the innovative ideas that came from the New York Office, for example, making an amphibious prosthetic leg on a 3D printer or completely redesigning a 202-year-old stethoscope to make it digital. Without having a diverse set of ideas and leadership that says, “yea, maybe,” innovation wouldn’t live.

I’m making the effort to apply “yea, maybe, let’s see how that could work” philosophy to my everyday work. As a member of a creative agency it’s our responsibility to apply the “yea, maybe” philosophy, because the more creative ideas we explore, the more innovation and impact we can make.

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