maj 31st, 2017

Cannes Contenders 2017: Week 4

Cannes Contender Hero Week 4

Now only two weeks away from Cannes and with just as many weeks of contenders left in our 2017 series, let’s dive into our fourth week of Cannes Contenders.

See work from our offices in Dubai, Buenos Aires, Sydney, São Paulo, Milan and New York. 

As always, please support our creative colleagues who have worked so hard to put these pieces together by sharing your favorite pieces on social media with the hashtag #JWTCannes.


In this spot for Coca-Cola’s Taste the Feeling campaign, two siblings, enamored of the same pool boy, have the same plan to get his attention: offer him an ice-cold Coca-Cola to quench his thirst. Running into each other as they both grab a can of Coca-Cola from the fridge, the brother and sister...


Mark Yourself Unsafe

Black Americans are being harassed, attacked or murdered every day. The week of Trump’s Inauguration, we introduced the Unsafety Check – a powerful twist on Facebook’s “Safety Check”, which lets users in emergencies mark themselves safe. And asked Black Americans to mark themselves unsafe to raise...



Mada Masr is an independent Egyptian news organization dedicated to producing intelligent and engaging journalism, and more generally, in re-examining the role of media in relation to its public. The bilingual news site had seen once-committed and involved citizens becoming disinterested in...


The Mannequin Challenge

Parkinson’s NSW, a non-profit organization that provides essential services to people with Parkinson’s, needed an awareness-raising idea that generated as much earned media as possible. So we hijacked the biggest social craze of 2016 – the Mannequin Challenge – and gave it a unique twist....


Killer in Red

Diretto dal regista premio Oscar Paolo Sorrentino, il cortometraggio Killer in Red racconta la storia di una giovane donna, il marito infedele e un barista, interpretato dall'attore Clive Owen, che trasforma il suo matrimonio infelice in un triangolo amoroso. È un classico pezzo ispirato al film...


Unstickable Poster

To show the effectiveness of the Starflon non-stick technology on Tramontina cookware, we set up a shooting range where internet celebrities, Tramontina customers and an Olympic shooting medalist were invited to use toy guns to shoot various sauces at posters that had been layered with the same...

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