maj 10th, 2017

Cannes Contenders 2017: Week 1

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In just six weeks, the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity will bring the creative communications industry together for its 64th year, celebrating the world’s most inventive, talented, and creative minds. 

Each week ahead of the festival, we'll be sharing a preview of our Cannes Contenders – the pioneering, innovative, inspiring, culture-shaping solutions that demonstrate the best in creative thinking from across our network and across our companies.

You can share your favorite pieces across social media with the hashtags #JWTCannes and #MirumCannes.

The Fin

In March 2017, Dan Lasko, a 33-year-old Iraqi war veteran from PA, entered the pool at Long Island’s Eisenhower Park for a first test of The Fin - a first of its kind custom-fitted 3D-printed prosthetic leg - that permits an amputee to go straight from land into the water and back. For Dan, who only...


The Hold

What does Parkinson’s Disease look like? Many people believe it to be just an old person’s disease, but the reality is that every day, 3 Australians under the age of 40 are diagnosed with the nerve disorder. On World Parkinson’s Day, we and Parkinson’s New South Wales launched “The Hold” to...


I Want To Share My Gold

Condor Airlines recently opened a route between Frankfurt, Germany and San Juan, Puerto Rico, establishing one of the few direct flights between Europe and Puerto Rico. With Germans now a crucial audience for the island’s tourism industry, something serendipitous happened: at the 2016 Summer...


Food Exhibitionism

Ahead of Food Exhibitionism, an event celebrating the many ways in which food is a vessel of culture and societal trends, we launched “MENU,” a unique portrait photography passion project centered on food. In a series of portraits that were used as posters to announce the event, “MENU” focuses on...



As all parents know, babies pee and poo all the time, anywhere, and in the most unexpected places. Many places are not the cleanest or safest places to change their diapers. For Bepantol Baby, the diaper rash cream from Bayer, we turned OOH posters into diaper changers, or “Poosters,” that could be...


Godzilla & Dragon

Human activity and the exploitation of resources have increased so drastically that the environmental conditions that support our development and growth are beginning to deteriorate.In a print campaign for the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), we created monsters out of the brightest symbol of human...

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