About Us

J. Walter Thompson has been pioneering brands since 1864. We go where others only dare. We pioneer forward, rebelling against convention. We do this with bravery, ambition and just the right amount of swagger. We tap into our 150-plus years of brand-building wisdom to build brands that last as long as we have.

What We Do

​People. Culture. Commerce.

If our work doesn’t move the dial against three metrics, we crumple it up, throw it in the bin and start all over. Our work has got to change the way people think, feel and act. That’s when culture starts to shift. And when culture shifts, it creates room for brands to grow. 

Why We Do It

Hungry. Humble.

Pioneers are hungry. We are restless, never satisfied. We respect the need for help on our journey, and reach out to collaborate. We value the significance that a new perspective can bring. We constantly challenge ourselves and those around us.

We're completely focused on the work.

Work that drives our clients' businesses. Work that enables brands to adapt to an ever-shifting world. Work that is creative, aspirational and responsible. Work that shapes the world.

Services & Offerings

Brand Building

We grow our clients’ business by building brands. Finding solutions that are global when needed, or as singular as a simple human emotion. We build pioneering brands with purpose. We exist to help companies navigate the market, and drive long-term growth.


Forging strong relationships between brands and consumers, our deep partnerships with social platforms give our clients a leading edge when developing interactive plans. Building on that knowledge, we use insights from social data to develop social strategies, run campaigns, deliver contagious content, manage communities and measure success.


We connect consumers with brands in ways that transcend conventional means of interaction. These experiences result in immersive experiences leveraging VR or Artificial Intelligence, as well as interactive live entertainment or IOT innovations. We aim to connect people to brands in a way that inspires and requires action.


Our in-house research unit, SONAR, develops and exploits new quantitative and qualitative research techniques to understand cultures, brands and consumer motivation around the world.

Internal Communications

People join cultures, not companies. When companies understand, live and share their own culture, they naturally attract the best talent, and inspire and empower employees to own, innovate and drive business results. We help shape culture.

Digital Transformation

Whether transforming an existing digital strategy or developing a new plan for the future, we build brands for digital. At the intersection of innovation, creative and analytics, we solve problems and deliver a measurable impact on our clients’ business.


Finding the best channels to speak to your audience and making the most of those channels is integral to the effectiveness of a campaign. Through careful planning and buying, brands can optimize the reach of their messages.

Innovation, Trends & Insights

We are always exploring cultural shifts and converting them into opportunities for brands.


Our in-house analytics department focuses on the innovative application of data and technology to inform and inspire new marketing solutions. It offers a suite of bespoke analytics tools.

Sector Expertise

We have accumulated massive sector and market expertise throughout the J. Walter Thompson agency’s lifetime, giving our clients a unique advantage. We know government, health, sports, retail and a lot more.

Our Network

J. Walter Thompson is the world's best-known marketing communications brand. Headquartered in New York, J. Walter Thompson is a true global network with more than 200 offices in over 90 countries employing over 12,000 marketing professionals.

Digital Transformation

Mirum is a borderless agency of over 2400 digital savants, storytellers, makers and relentlessly curious minds who are united by an uncommon drive to make what’s next. Active in 24 countries, we work across our global network of expertise to transform business, design innovative digital experiences and activate commerce at a global and local level. Mirum is part of the J. Walter Thompson Company and the WPP Network. Visit mirumagency.com for more information.

Activation & Commerce

Geometry Global, the world’s largest and most international brand activation agency, drives conversion, action and purchase through award-winning programs that change behavior and inspire people to buy well. With teams in 56 markets, Geometry Global has expertise in shopper, digital, experiential, relationship, promotional and trade marketing.


J. Walter Thompson Intelligence is a new specialized practice, offering a unique blend of research, innovation and data analytics across its global network. Comprising three units; SONAR™, Analytics, and the Innovation Group., it provides J. Walter Thompson Company clients with essential consumer insight, inspiration, future forecasting, data and analysis on a global scale. Together, this unique group unearths human truths and brand insights. It also allows us to adapt and improve our performance at speed, and foresee future trends and cultural change.

Our Clients

Treasury Wine Estates
Kimberly Clark
Johnson & Johnson


Tamara Ingram
Chief Executive Officer

J. Walter ThompsonCompany

Guy Murphy
Chief Strategy Officer

J. Walter ThompsonCompany

Lewis Trencher
Chief Financial Officer

J. Walter ThompsonCompany

Stefano Zunino
Chief Transformation Officer, JWT Worldwide and CEO, JWT Latin America

J. Walter ThompsonCompany

Laura Agostini
Chief Talent Officer

J. Walter ThompsonCompany

Lucie Greene
Worldwide Director of the Innovation Group

J. Walter ThompsonCompany

Tarun Rai
CEO, South Asia

J. Walter ThompsonCompany

Toby Hoare
CEO, Europe

J. Walter ThompsonCompany

John Gutteridge

J. Walter ThompsonCompany

Maria Gianoutsos
Chief Creative Talent Officer

J. Walter ThompsonCompany

Roy Haddad
Chairman, MEA

J. Walter ThompsonCompany

History of advertising

We've been inventing pioneering ideas since 1864. Here's a fun way to look at our history, which also happens to be the history of advertising.

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