World Wide Open An Post


In a time when some countries are talking about building walls, and there’s a global trend towards insularism, we wanted to show that Irish people, and our national postal service, stand for something quite different. An Post have always been determined to look outwards, break down barriers, connect people and export Ireland to the world and the world to Ireland.

To match the dramatic subject matter, we employed some truly cinematic talent and techniques to deliver this visually stunning campaign that sees An Post breaking new ground, doing away with restrictions and opening up the world to customers and businesses alike. Directed by award winning film maker Ian Power, the ad encapsulates live action alongside amazing visual effects, courtesy of internationally renowned VFX artist Andy Clarke, of “Brooklyn” and “Dracula Untold” fame.

In a first for Irish advertising, the piece was also shot on a rare camera normally reserved for films (the Arri Alexa 65 - recently used in the Oscar-winning film ‘The Revenant’). This 65mm camera, coupled with the letterboxing technique, helped us to achieve that epic and compelling widescreen cinematic effect for the small screen.

Our soundtrack – ‘Open up your door’ by Richard Hawley, beautifully juxtaposes with the dramatic, powerful action on screen, resulting in an ad that emotionally resonates with the viewer, and brings the meaning of World Wide Open to the fore.



AddressPal from An Post literally brings everything within reach for the country’s mass of online shoppers - including items from US and UK websites that currently don’t ship to Ireland. To launch AddressPal, we used real life footage to create 10 second ads that show the powerful reactions people have when they finally get their hands on the things they thought they couldn’t.



Up until now, returning items was a total pain – time consuming and awkward. But with ReturnPal, your item will be picked up from wherever you are, and returned to wherever it needs to go. It’s a total game changer. So to launch the innovative Return Pal app, we created a 10 second TV ad using real-life footage that shows the moment when unboxing goes wrong (we’ve all been there!), and ReturnPal as the easiest, hassle-free solution when it does.

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