Vodafone & Pepsi Tournament VODAFONE


In 2018 the largest football tournament in the world took place right after Ramadan. Both occasions witness big gatherings all around Egypt. As a result, two copies for the campaign were introduced featuring the two biggest brands in Egypt – Vodafone & Pepsi; the main copy running before and throughout Egypt’s participation in the tournament, and the other only played right before the match on the official airing channel.

The main copy captured multiple and real moments that conveyed a time-lapse of transitioning from Ramadan to prepare for the biggest gathering of people in the history of Egypt. This was created by showing several unconventional Egyptian gatherings all around the country in anticipation of an event that Egyptians have always loved to watch but hadn’t had the chance to be a part of, for 28 years. We see people literally wrapping up Ramadan and getting ready for the coming phase with all the Egyptian Rituals that puts the country in “football” mode. Within these preparations we see Mohamed Salah's own preparations, the hero who gave us the chance to be a part of this occasion.

The second copy captures the “now” moment and excitement of hearing our National anthem played on the tournament’s pitch. We see all the Egyptians gatherings again but this time singing along to the anthem with pride and emotions as Salah cheers the crowds on to announce the start of the game.

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