Tiny Doll Kleenex


Thailand has the world’s 2nd highest rate of bullying, but nobody talks about it. Kleenex tissue stands for soothing care through the toughest times and decided to tell the untold story of Rika Ishige, Thailand’s #1 fighter whose fire to fight is fueled by her traumas as a bully victim.

“Tiny Doll” is a short film that chronicles Rika’s life story as she takes the audience through the early days as a small and delicate girl to finding the strength to become an MMA champion.

It received 5.8 million views in under 3 weeks and made international headlines, sparking conversations about Thailand’s bullying epidemic and subverting stereotypes of what tiny, gentle women are capable of. #GentleNotWeak


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2018 Adfest

Film Craft Lotus / Gold

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2018 Cannes Lions

Health & Wellness, OTC Applications / Gold and Silver Lion

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2018 Spike’s Asia

Film Craft and Health / Silver

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2018 Spike’s Asia

Film / Bronze

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2018 AdStars

Film Craft / Bronze

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2018 Adman

Film and Branded Content / Silver

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2018 Adman

PR / Bronze

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2018 LIA

Health Craft / Bronze

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