The Lucky Ones Parkinson's


A confronting and compelling film created for Parkinson’s NSW took centre stage in a campaign to raise awareness of Parkinson’s Disease and prompt donations in the lead up to World Parkinson’s Day.

The emotionally confronting film, entitled The Lucky Ones, showcased one of the current ‘best’ treatments Parkinson’s sufferers can go through, Deep Brain Stimulation, where the patient is awake throughout the entire surgery. The film was directed by content and advertising director David Jagoda, himself a Parkinson’s sufferer, who underwent the exact operation 6 years ago.

Simon Langley, ECD, J Walter Thompson Sydney said he was proud of the agency for creating such an important advertising campaign, and hoped the film achieved its objective of encouraging donations to help cure this debilitating disease.

“Parkinson’s is not a well-known disease so we had to create a campaign which would cut through and make people sit up and take action. Amazingly the patient has to be awake throughout the entire operation which we filmed live, and our patient delivers the powerful VO to camera right there on the operating table – mid operation.

“It’s compelling viewing which will no doubt hit a raw nerve with viewers and we hope motivate them to take action and donate money to the cause.”

The Lucky Ones was seeded on Facebook & Unruly and supported by an additional hub website on - with further video content and donation button. It was supported by PR on A Current Affair who interviewed the ‘talent’ Andy and his family.

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