The Leap Ten Herbs - Herb med Lebanon


Ten Herbs from Herb Med promises fast acting relief from constipation. The online film, created by JWT Beirut humorously plays on two metaphors to express Herb Med’s effectiveness. Firstly, there’s the long wait and anticipation that people with constipation feel, depicted in three vignettes showing three divers waiting to take the plunge into a gleaming swimming pool. Secondly, there’s the dynamic overlay of being able to “dive into life”. As tension builds the Ten Herbs product is introduced to the frame, and immediately the film’s featured diver is seen dropping into the water, accompanied by an amusingly suggestive, yet discreet “splash”.

Directed by Mohamed El Zayat, the po-faced spot is complemented by a correspondingly sonorous sound track. Shot in a high altitude outdoor swimming pool in Lebanon’s Laqlouq region, the location and backdrop perfectly symbolize Herb Med’s Lebanese heritage, and natural product based remedies it supplies.

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