The Humanity Test UN Women NC UK


A reCAPTCHA that didn’t just test if you’re human, it tested your humanity.

Every day, 39,000 girls are being forced into child marriages.  Humanity is failing these girls. This includes every one of us who turn a blind-eye and treats the issue like it is someone else’s problem.

That’s where The Humanity Test came in.

In partnership with UN Women NC UK, J. Walter Thompson London recreated a Google reCAPTCHA test that is most commonly used to combat spam bots. Launched with online partners, The Humanity Test asked people to identify images of brides, then shocked them by revealing the child brides they overlooked and their stories. The images played on people’s preconceptions and were impossible to ignore.

The goal of the test was to get as many people as possible to fail, because failing motivated them to share the message and mobilize support for the cause. Over the first two weeks, 73% of people who took the test failed. The test was shared by thousands – sparking a national conversation and helping draw a line to end forced child marriages.

Share the test here: and help shine a light on an issue which affects 750,000 women and girls around the world, yet is rarely discussed as a major humanitarian problem.

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