The Art of Hero Truckers Shell


Thai truck drivers carry negative perceptions and are stigmatized as ‘thugs’, being judged on the aggressive and meaningless artworks of their trucks. This leads to poor self-esteem and performance on the road. Shell Rimula, heavy-duty engine oils for trucks, wanted to change the public’s perceptions and give truckers a renewed sense of pride, supporting them to perform their best in every journey.

To change perceptions and give truckers pride, we came up with ‘The Art of Hero Truckers’ – a campaign that create meaningful truck designs telling real drivers stories - so they can carry it with pride in every road. We turned the trucks' exterior into a moving display to change perceptions and build understanding on the road – where the tension stems from –, giving truck drivers a renewed sense of pride, boosting their self-esteem and improving their performance when they need it the most.


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2018 Adman

Branded Experience / Bronze

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