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InterContinental Hotels and Resorts needed to drive awareness and consideration of its luxury upgrade offering – Club InterContinental – an elevated hotel experience, for affluent travelers. The challenge for Club InterContinental was to carve out its own unique positioning, distinct from other luxury hotel chains. 

While the category traditionally spoke of luxury in terms of inflated glitzy offerings (big rooms, massive pools), we saw a different need emerging from luxury travelers in Asia and the Middle East. Increasingly sophisticated and discerning, this elite group shunned showy consumption in favour of craft and backstory, and veered from big statusful symbols to an appreciation of finer details. 

The Campaign Idea crystallized this new definition of luxury that connected with the luxury traveler and the Club InterContinental brand truth: Sophistication is the pursuit of excellence in every detail.

Inspired by the passion for cuisine in Asia, we based our story around a gourmand’s journey in Singapore – where over 20 Michelin Stars had been awarded in 2016, including a world first with Michelin-starred hawker stalls – to showcase attention to detail in pursuit of gastronomic excellence. 

The same spirit of exacting standards in every detail that is the Club InterContinental promise.

The campaign struck an emotional chord with luxury travelers and exceeded business targets for AMEA. Revenue and bookings through the microsite increased, and brand tracking metrics strengthened, positioning InterContinental Hotel as the leader in modern luxury.


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2017 Marketing Excellence Awards

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