Re-think Travel Changi Airport


Challenge: Most airports around the world were still focused on delivering the big two basics that travellers look for – efficiency and smooth transit. But Changi, as the world’s most awarded airport, had already cracked that problem and was thinking about something very different. How can Changi be more than ‘just an airport’?

Insight: Changi is a lot more than an airport to many, it's a place people come to by choice – to spend the day, to have a meal – it’s a place for romance, friendship and exploration. It’s a destination not just a travel hub.  

Idea: Rethink travel
J. Walter Thompson conceived of a series of campaigns demonstrating that an airport was much more than just a place you fly from and instead was a place you shop at, meet at, eat at, see and experience things you’d not find anywhere else.

Results: Changi was voted World’s Best Airport by Business Traveler for the 29th consecutive year and was voted Skytrax World’s Best Airport for the 4th consecutive year.
In a survey on perception of Changi as a brand, 85% of respondents rated Changi as a brand that ‘exceeds (their) expectations of an airport’.

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