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To illustrate that Shell Rimula premium heavy-duty diesel engine oil reflects the hearts, minds and motivations of China’s truckers, Shell Global and J. Walter Thompson created “Postcards”, a social media campaign that lets long-haul trucker drivers showcase their stories and share messages with their families back home. Based on fascinating insights from Shell Global, J. Walter Thompson’s Singapore, London and Shanghai offices joined force to create the campaign, to underscore that Shell Rimula really is ‘The engine oil that works as hard as you’. At the heart of the campaign is a series of films, shot on location on the Sichuan-Tibet Highway, a high-elevation road between Chengdu and Tibet that’s renowned as one of the most dangerous in the world.

“Postcards” was written and produced by Chameleon Content, JWT’s production hub in Singapore, and JWT25, the agency’s rapid content team, which specializes in producing quick engaging videos for social media. The campaign strategy was developed by JWT London. The JWT25 team utilized four cameramen equipped with traditional gear and Go Pro drones to capture the beautiful, scenic highway - and candid, authentic conversations with the drivers.  

The film, which launched on WeChat and other social media in China on Father’s Day, has been viewed over 30 million times.  Shell Global also partnered with top trucking apps to promote the content - and invite other truckers to share their own stories.  Over 6,000 truckers have created their own content, such as videos and photos, as well as messages to their families.  

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