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During the Chinese New Year, Taiwanese people have a tradition of ringing out the old to welcome new things around the house.

E-Life Mall, a local electronics retailer in Taiwan, wants to encourage customers to purchase new electronics to replace their old ones.

But the elderly in Taiwan are well known for their frugality. They will only consider purchasing new electronics if the old ones have been deemed unfixable.

How do we tackle this marketing challenge?

E-Life Mall found out that 1/3 of the children in Taiwan have been raised by their grandparents.

Many Parents, due to economic pressure, are forced to find work in major cities, leaving their children to live with their grandparents. Once the economic circumstance permits, the children return to their parents.

But they retain a strong emotional attachment to their grandparents in their minds. Fueling the desire to one day repay them.

E-Life Mall wants to excite the younger generation to purchase new electronics for their elders.

We created a social video following the life of a boy raised by his grandfather. When he grew up and became the same hardworking person like his parents, he began contemplating whether he had forgotten his Grandfather – the man that was his best friend growing up.

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