From Mate To Mate Huawei Mate 20 Series


Mate 20 Series is Huawei’s most advanced phone, but as the name suggests, it is made to be more than a power tool but a true companion in all your treasured moments. To declare that there’s more to this phone than its specs, the brand needed a campaign that brings a human heart to the cerebral machine. So Huawei sent famed director Nawapol T. on a trip to Japan, Thailand’s favourite destination, to record precious “magic moments” on a Mate 20 Series phone and mail them back in USB drives as souvenirs for his dearest mates.

The footage were cut into an online film that blurs the line between digital and analog in execution. The campaign also included an interview with the director on the stories behind each magic moment (also shot by Huawei Mate 20 Series), a mobile film making workshop with the director, and an online platform that let consumers send short clips from the shoot as virtual gifts to their own mates.

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