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Vodafone’s main brand purpose has always been to empower people through the use of technology. In 2015, the Vodafone Foundation developed DreamLab – a mobile app that helps speed up cancer research by collecting data for the Garvan Institute of Medical Research, while the phone owner sleeps.  

Every time someone uses the DreamLab app, they are helping solve real cancer research problems, which means that every app user acts as a cancer researcher.

In 2017, with the launch of DreamLab for Apple IOS, we harnessed the power of the world’s largest professional network, LinkedIn, and launched a recruitment campaign inviting people to download the app to start their “DreamJob” in cancer research.

LinkedIn has a built-in function that automatically notifies your connections when you start a new job. So, we simply recruited the most connected influencers on the platform to change their job titles to “Cancer Researcher at DreamLab App,” which instantly notifies their hundreds of thousands of connections that they’d started their DreamJob fighting cancer. The title change created a thunderclap moment and a tsunami of notifications were sent across the world, inspiring hundreds of thousands of people to download the DreamLab app and start their new DreamJob fighting cancer.


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