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Stage 1 to stage 2 breast cancer has a 99% of survival rate. But women are so busy with their family and careers that they keep postponing their annual mammograms. Their kids, homes, and professional projects are always their priority. She comes last when it comes to taking care of their health. We aimed to convince Puerto Rican women that even with their busy schedules, they needed to make time to get their annual mammogram.

Creative Idea

Susan G. Komen Foundation created a movement to let women know they can never be too busy to the point they neglect their health. To do so, we contacted Puerto Rico's busiest women. The campaign began at Puerto Rico's most renowned museum, where we looked for those women who have been busy non-stop for over a century: The women on paintings dating back to 1887 and so forth. Original paintings were replaced by new versions in which the ladies were absent. They took the day off to get a mammogram. One of Puerto Rico's most prestigious magazines was published without the model on the cover because the day of the shooting she was getting her mammogram. The Island's most famous astrologist didn't publish her daily horoscope for one day.

Mujer En La Playa
Poniendo A Julia
Poniendo Acostada
Poniendo Julia A La 2

The website MujerSacaTiempo.com, created for the campaign received over 200,000 visits on an Island of 3.6 million habitants, which is outstanding. Through the page, women could schedule their mammograms. They even signed-in to get a reminder each year to be responsible. Over 5,000 women created the reminder.


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