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The idea was to give to the Brand a new way of expressing itself, and a new way of talking to people.
A language that was always able to speak to everyone, touching the right strings, exactly as Aperol manages to intercept everyone's tastes. What we were looking for, in a nutshell, was a Universal Language.

That’s why we decided to assign the direction of the film to the French duo Greg & Lio, formed by the directors Grégory Ohrel and Lionel Hirlé. The reason is the legacy of the duo, which comes from the world of music videos, which are the real expression of several languages, because they are able to mix music with images, dance and colors.

So, we chose the language of the music video, which lends itself well to telling a spontaneous, cheerful and made of connections between people positioning: a true universal language, being able to speak to everyone.
So, the music becomes central to this project, because it was important to select something that would go smootly with the video and with the director's vision, which would be both engaging and exciting, even cheerful, without being too light.
All these features are fully part of Myles Parrish's song, "Cut A Rug".

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