7-Day Insurance Shell


Songkran, Thailand’s New Year’s celebration is also known as the 7 days of danger. Thai roads get busier than ever and, for that period, become the most dangerous in the world. Shell Helix has been protecting engines for over 120 years and saw an opportunity to not only raise the awareness about road safety but also step up its protection game.

Shell changed its business to sell insurance. “The 7 dangerous days” insurance offered drivers THB 100.000 coverage with the purchase of just a container of Shell Helix.

The campaign created much-needed conversation around road safety and protection with over 10 million THB in free media. 12,000 Drivers registered and Helix sales went up 33% compared to the same period the previous year. More importantly, at the end of the 7 dangerous days, not a single driver claimed the insurance.


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2018 Adman

Outdoor and Innovation / Bronze

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