The Big Shutdown STC MySTC


Saudis prefer to carry out even basic transactions in person. Upon revamping STC’s digital self-service channels, we needed the relaunch to be a turning point in changing customer habits.

Instead of relaunching STC’s advanced online tools, we launched “Digitization Day” - a day without shops - and a step towards making Saudi Arabia a digital nation. A tweet from the CEO announced the nationwide initiative and the closing of our 220 branches. Every closed shop front turned into an invitation; posters took customers through app usage steps, staff were at hand to demonstrate that there’s no transaction that our services can’t handle, while targeted educational videos and trained influencers facilitated the online journey.

The feared backlash never materialized. What emerged instead was an undeniable impact that is still evident to this day. That’s how we turned reluctant, tradition-minded Saudis into modern-day e-customers and digital citizens.


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