Remission Bell St. Louis Children's Hospital



J. Walter Thompson Canada was tasked by St. Louis Children’s Hospital to help raise awareness of their new oncology wing known as Siteman Kids. When the child cancer patients complete their chemotherapy treatment, the hospital celebrates by having the patient ring a golden bell. This ritual is something that the kids and families look forward to because it signals that the child is in remission and on the road to beating cancer.


To promote the news that another child has beaten cancer, we created a 12-foot replica of the bell that the young cancer survivors ring in the hospital. The bell was placed on a prominent billboard in downtown St. Louis. When a child rings the bell in the hospital, nurses simultaneously ring the billboard bell through an app on their phones. Speakers on the billboard amplify the sound of the bell so passersby can hear it far and wide. Approximately 5-10 kids ring the bell every month.


The installation of the bell generated international news coverage culminating in a total of 390 million earned impressions worth an estimated $3 million in free media from broadcast coverage including NBC, ABC, CBS and Fox News, as well as press from publications including The New York Times, The Washington Post, San Francisco Chronicle,St. Louis Post-Dispatch, New York Post, National Post, Miami Herald,The Houston Chronicle and The Star Tribune.

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