Powered by Defiance Diadora


Tout est question de cycle, et ce sont les marques de streetwear des années 90 qui ont actuellement le vent en poupe, notamment adoubées par de nombreaux créateurs de mode. Diadora en pleine hype s’accorde les services de J. Walter Thompson Paris et Cream production.  

J. Walter Thompson Paris présente la nouvelle campagne Diadora sportswear 2018 et notamment la nouvelle mouture de sa mythique sneaker B.Elite. Dans une fable esthétique et mystique au propos particulièrement dans l’air du temps (on ne vous révèle pas tout) l’agence met en scène des influenceurs dans une battle entre deux clans. Une bataille de rue des temps modernes, qui voit deux jeunes clans s’affronter avant de conclure sur cette signature : Powered by Defiance.

Le film est réalisé par Junta, la photographie par Nicolas Prado.
La campagne est relayée online sur Instagram, et Facebook et en affichage et retail partout en Europe. 

Le dispositif principalement destiné aux marchés anglais et italiens, met en scène notamment IamDDB, la nouvelle perle R&B orginiaire de Manchester, Rkomi, rappeur Italien ou encore Joan Thiele, chanteuse et blogueuse italienne.


Agence: J. Walter Thompson Paris
Responsables agences: Florent Depoisier, Thomas Derouault, Virgile Brodziak
Responsables Cream: Michel Teicher, William Blanc
Réalisateur: Junta
Photographie: Nicolas Prado

Two teams— one in the glorious masks of ancient Roman warriors — fight in a multisport parkour battle. It all starts with a group of young people playing street tennis. They are rocking on court. Another group of young men is watching from behind a wire fence. When the players turn towards the male gang, masks are hiding their faces. The leaders of the two teams give each other a challenging glance: the street battle is on! Sometime later the two groups face each other again, competing in a freestyle soccer match. The masked squad dominates the other one a bit in a tough fight for the ball. After that, a new challenge begins. Now on fixie bikes, the two groups race at top speed in the streets, snaking in and out between cars, taking turns in controlled skids. Finally, the two groups meet face-to-face for one last time. The masked leader shows his face: it’s actually a woman! The whole masked squad does the same, they are all young, confident and proud women who are powered by defiance. Defiance captures what Diadora wants to convey through this collection and through the audience’s eyes: the spirit of resistance. That’s what today’s young people are really looking for.

The three protagonists of the campaign are real people: young influencers who are part of the Diadora crew and who share the brand's values and image. Passion, authenticity and courage are the key elements that connect the brand with these young talents. IAMDDB, frontwoman of the masked female squad, is a 21-year-old English singer, songwriter and producer heading on a major European tour in 2018. Rkomi, leader of the male team, is an up-and-coming 23 y.o. Italian artist and songwriter, currently in the middle of his tour. Finally, Joan Thiele, 25, is a talented Italian singer and globetrotter all set to tour Europe this year on a series of gigs.

Diadora Sportswear’s SS18 collection embodies the victories of the past and the dreams of the future. Iconic athletic wear of yesterday’s heroes makes a comeback with modern takes, including Diadora’s favorite style B. Elite, once sported by legendary tennis players and now worn regularly by the younger millennial generation. Always keeping the iconic shape of the original model yet adding new colors and options. Past and future merge in creating a streetstyle collection that highlights shoes yet includes clothes too, all to offer the coolest of total outfits. Designed for him, the tracksuit features the timeless ‘80s inspired polycotton Diadora track jacket and the new fitted pants which get a contemporary slant thanks to color blocking and unique edgy detailing. For her, watercolor pastels are the true protagonist: on the track jacket – shaped with a new feminine silhouette though with tomboyish flair still intact – or in the form of a sporty dress.

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