No Salt Restaurant Ishii clinic


Today, excessive intake of salt is a global problem. At the Ishii clinic, there are many patients suffering from hypertension, cerebral strokes, cardiac infarctions and other diseases, that are complications caused by the excessive intake of salt. And these patients become unable to eat flavorful meals using salts. Dr. Ishii aimed to realize a balance of "Health of the Patients" and "Delicious Meals with Salt Flavour".

Ishii clinic, along with the production team at J. Walter Thompson Japan, University of Tokyo, invented the ELECTRO FORK for these patients. The tongue is covered by taste buds, that sense the flavour of foods, and there are "areas where saltiness is sensed more prominently". By applying electronic stimulation to this area, utilizing the technology of Augmented Gustation, even foods without Salt, can be given delicious Salt Flavour.

And the NO SALT RESTAURANT, featuring this fork, was opened. This restaurant provides foods the patients cannot regularly enjoy, due to their high Salt content without using Salts. By eating with the ELECTRO FORK, all dishes become flavourful, with the illusion of Salt Flavour. It will be possible to resolve the world’s current issues of salt intake, and realize healthier cuisine and eating habits.


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2016 Spikes Asia

Innovation / Shortlist

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2017 Adfest

Direct / Finalist

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20th Japan Meadia Arts Festival

Entertainment / Exellence Award

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