Perfume Portaits LUX


Challenge: Give new meaning to Lux’s territory of a beauty brand while introducing the role fragrance plays in beauty.
Insight: Woman’s beauty is not only about her looks. It is about how she expresses it, through her laugh, her attitude. Her fragrance plays an important role in showing the unseen beauty in her.
Idea: “More than meets the eye”
We created an experiment with Bhavesh Patel, a visually impaired photographer, taking pictures of the beautiful Bollywood movie star Katrina Kaif. The idea was to show how the photographer can find inspiration through other senses than the view and how he used scent as a trigger to capture woman’s beauty with his camera.  We launched this content on YouTube and invited consumers to discover the power of fragrance through Perfume Portraits. Riding on the success of the video content, conversations were built using the campaign hashtag #LuxPerfumePortraits, where fans were invited to watch the film and share their favorite moments, enabling Lux to create two-way conversations between themselves and their fans
15 million views in 3 weeks from launch
Covered by major Indian news platforms
100% increase in S.O.V
Best-In-Class result for brand lived survey
98% brand recall
89% favorable social sentiment

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