Grab some balls Friends of Cancer Patient


FOCP (Friends of Cancer Patients) is an NGO committed to helping cancer patients and their families in the UAE. Awareness is at the heart of FOCP’s mission, which involves creating awareness for six early detectable cancers.

This campaign created a perfect storm – a regional passion for golf – and a light-hearted delivery mechanism – Grab Some Balls – to break through the background noise of awareness and get men to do self-diagnose and take action.

Get them to listen (awareness): Break through to educate the audience about male cancer symptoms in a non-clinical and personalized manner – reach a minimum of 50,000 men in any given event. Get them to self-diagnose (action): Eradicate the taboo surrounding self-checks and persuade the audience to take preventive action by reaching out to FOCP.

Our golf ball giveaways allowed people to sidestep inhibitions to talk about testicular cancer in public. With 1,200 balls, leaflets, surveys and doctors on hand we were able to reach an audience we never could before. As a piece of communication it was relevant to the event, while reaching FOCP’S objective to create awareness for testicular cancers in a non-threatening manner.

Reached +180k people, increasing web traffic by 40% and social media following by 17%.

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